Voyage of the Gemini Dragon

Amryn's Offer

Yrik and Sniffer were given leave by Captain Turris to take some time off from working on the Dusty Diamond to pursue the offer they had gotten from Amryn Tassleburn — retrieve one of the Statues of Ilona from the island of Lucarus, for 600 gold up front, 600 more on delivery, and free food, ale, and lodging at the Laughing Halfling for life.
After the trio decided upon accepting the offer, Yrik drank himself sick on free halfling beer. He awoke to find himself and the others on Amryn’s boat, Ilona’s Laughter, accompanied by a dirty, violent halfling woman named Krisella.
Upon reaching the island, they were attacked by a pair of harpies. Yrik and Krisella did not resist lure of their song, but Jamin and Sniffer dispatched the bird-women before they could harm anyone seriously. They found a cove for the boat, and proceeded through the jungle, dealing with kobold traps and occasionally kobold patrols along the way. One of these run-ins resulted in the group gaining a kobold captive, who was intimidated into revealing the number of kobolds they’d be up against, and also the location of a side door.



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