Truffleton, referred to as Truf’ton by inhabitants and regular visitors, is possibly the most major port city on the eastern coast of Ormath. It is well known for its chocolates, and for its public hangings of pirates.

Truffleton is also the home of a street gang calling themselves The Order of the Shadow.

Notable establishments:
The Laughing Halfling – A mid-level tavern with rooms to rent, located on the line between the docks and the merchant quarter. It is owned by Amryn Tassleburn, and named after the halfling folk heroine Ilona.

The Smiling Siren – A tavern close to the docks. It’s not the best neighborhood, and the ale is watered down, but the beds are clean and the staff is friendly.

The Happy Alchemist – A shop specializing in material components, potions, salves — and a particular herb, if you ask for it and the owner thinks he can trust you.

The Midnight Market – A biweekly, not-entirely-legal market, which moves each time to a different location in the city. It is run by Content Not Found: warasa, an extremely old gnome woman.

Beltas’ shop – Part office, part library, Content Not Found: beltas opens his doors to anyone looking for items appraised, documents deciphered, or information tracked down.


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