There are two categories of gods. There are the new gods, well-known and worshiped in current society, most of them former mortals who ascended to Divinity. And there are the old gods, mostly forgotten, possibly gone, and not quite so humanoid and knowable as the new breed.

New Gods

Aeoden Spiritforged, The Highest King (LG)

Domains: Nobility, Law, Protection, Good, Strength
Aeoden Spiritforged was a dwarven warrior when he was a mortal. Sadek stole the divinity from an ancient evil god, now forgotten, and gave it to Aeoden to help him defeat the evil god and restore balance to the world. Aeoden is the king of the new gods. His holy symbol is a crown and sword.

Mishka Shemsu, The Beastmistress (N)

Domains: Animal, Plant, Weather, Earth
Mishka Shemsu was a half-orc druid as a mortal. Her holy symbol is a pawprint.

Meria Kalessin, The Pirate Queen (CN)

Domains: Luck, Liberation, Chaos, Weather
Also referred to as “The Bitch Queen”, Meria Kalessin was a human pirate captain as a mortal. Her holy symbol is a red hourglass.

Aria Ihsahn, The Immortal (N)

Domains: Repose, Death, Healing, Protection
Her holy symbol is a skull and a rose.

Windir Wolvhammer, The Mapmaker (NG)

Domains: Travel, Knowledge, Earth, Air, Water

Hoggard Broog, The Secretkeeper (NE)

Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Darkness, Charm, Trickery

Samoth Trap, The Navigator (CG)

Domains: Water, Liberation, Weather, Travel
Samoth Trap was a human sailor before his ascension to divinity, and his followers are mostly sailors as well. His holy symbol is a compass rose.

Anhur Amenti, The Homebuilder (LG)

Domains: Artifice, Community, Protection, Law, Healing

Isa Spare, The Loremistress (LN)

Domains: Knowledge, Rune, Magic, Darkness

Maydak Roe, The Hero (NG)

Domains: Strength, Glory, Nobility, Good

Satha Kris, The Blood-Stained (CE)

Domains: War, Destruction, Madness, Chaos, Evil

Old Gods

Sadek, The Good Thief (CG)

Domains: Good, Travel, Trickery, Magic, Chaos
Sadek is commonly depicted as a halfling, or as a tengu. His holy symbol is a crow’s foot.

Vreid, The Unknown (NE)

Domains: Madness, Death, Darkness, Evil
Vreid is generally not depicted, or talked about much, for that matter. There have been depictions made by some of his followers, which are uniformly terrifying, and generally appear to be seething clouds full of eyes, mouths and tentacles. His holy symbol is a black orb.

Amon, The Eternal Watcher (N)

Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Sun
Amon’s holy symbol is a single blue eye. Amon has been depicted as every gender and every race among which he/she has followers, and the only thing these depictions have in common is that every one has blue eyes.


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