Voyage of the Gemini Dragon

The Midnight Market

After making a healthy profit from betting on their brawls, the party split up for the night. Yrik and Kadoc ended up getting into a drinking contest with a pair of dwarves – one of whom they realized too late was the brewmaster’s nephew. Yrik was not feeling too great the next day, but Kadoc was completely out of commission. Kadoc stayed in bed at The Laughing Halfling while the rest of the party went to speak with Beltas.
Beltas let them know that he had found through his documents that the last known owner of the statue had been taken captive and sold into slavery in Ingangald. His research had not narrowed it’s location down any further yet, but he had more documents that he could look through, and promised to let them know if he figured it out. In the meantime, Sniffer was curious about a market where they might be able to buy and sell magical items, and Beltas referred them to the Midnight Market, a biweekly, not-entirely-legal market, run by an extremely old gnome woman named Warasa.
The party found out through their contacts in the brawling ring that the market was meeting that night, in an abandoned warehouse near the docks. Along the way, the group was ambushed by a group of monks calling themselves The Order of The Shadow – led by the brawler that Krisella had beaten the night before. He accused her of using magic to win, infuriating Krisella, who had won their earlier fight fair and square. The monks attacked, but since this time the party was armed and armored, they were beaten even more severely than in the brawl. Most of the monks ran, abandoning the one who had been knocked unconcious, and Jamin drew on his face before they continued on to the warehouse where the market was being held.
The party talked (and bought) their way into the market,

Back to Truffleton

After defeating the shambling mound, the party returned to the ship Ilona’s Laughter, and set sail back to Truffleton. Along the way, the party sighted a ship approaching them, flying a flag of an hourglass and crossed axes – matching the tattoo on Yrik’s back. It was Yrik’s former crewmates from his pirating days, The Shinjan Marauders. The ship pulled alongside Ilona’s Laughter, preparing to board, until they recognized Yrik on deck. Yrik went aboard the pirate ship to talk to the new captain, Wendolen, and convinced her to let them go peacefully. He was almost back to the ship when he felt a tug at his arm – Kadoc, his half-orc friend. Kadoc wanted to leave the ship, and the pirate life. The captain, not a fan of half-orcs, liked the idea, so Yrik and Kadoc boarded Ilona’s Laughter, and the two ships parted ways before Captain Wendolen could change her mind.
Captain Wendolen had mentioned strange storms in the area which had blown them off course, and the party soon encountered such themselves – and discovered it was no true storm, but two air elementals in a fierce fight. Jamin summoned his own small air elemental to speak with the fighters, and see if there was any way to calm them enough to make the seas passable. The elementals dispersed, and Jamin’s summoned one indicated that they had been fighting over a female. With the seas now steady, the party sailed back to Truffleton with no further incidents.
Amryn, delighted with the safe retrieval of the statue, gave the party their promised reward, including 600 gold for Kadoc. She indicated that Beltas was close to determining the location of another statue, and if they were interested, she would be glad to hire them again.
With time and money to spend, Yrik suggested they might find some entertainment at a back-alley brawling circuit he had visited once or twice in the city. The group agreed, and Yrik and Krisella signed up to fight. The rules were simple – no weapons, no armor, non-lethal blows. Yrik won his fight, which was not much of a surprise to the spectators, but everyone was betting that Krisella would lose. That is, everyone except the party, who’d seen her fight before, and pitied the poor bastard she was up against.

Retrieving the Statue

Their kobold captive directed the party to the kitchen door of the ruined palace, which appeared to be a fairly easy entry point. Sniffer used a Fly spell to peek through the high windows, and determined that the kitchen was relatively unguarded, having only one armed kobold soldier inside, along with a small handful of cooks and children. But while he was checking windows, he discovered that the treasure room was easily accessible — and occupied only by the sleeping king. Tossing down a rope, he helped the rest of the party up and into the open window. Jamin used his chill metal spell to keep the gold-laden king distracted, while Sniffer stole his spear and threw it back at him, and Yrik and Krisella handily dealt with the guards who tried to come to the rescue. The king surrendered and grudgingly let them take their pick from the treasure hoard. They took the statue, along with most of the magic and valuable non-magic items in the room.
The way out was not as easy as the way in, however. The rest of the kobold tribe had assembled beneath the tower, or in the banquet room at the bottom of the stairs, with their dire rats in tow. The party fought their way through the banquet room, and convinced the rest of the tribe that they valued their scaly hides more than their treasure — or their pride.
Once away from the kobold encampment, the trip back to the ship was mostly serene. Except, of course, for the high-speed chase with an inappropriately-named shambling mound. The group decided they would do better to stand and fight the surprisingly speedy plant monster. Sniffer skillfully kept his comrades of it’s viney grasp, while Krisella landed punishing blows, and Jamin summoned up reinforcements. After several accidental swipes at nearby vines and branches, Yrik landed a solid final blow on the creature, and the party continued on their way.

Amryn's Offer

Yrik and Sniffer were given leave by Captain Turris to take some time off from working on the Dusty Diamond to pursue the offer they had gotten from Amryn Tassleburn — retrieve one of the Statues of Ilona from the island of Lucarus, for 600 gold up front, 600 more on delivery, and free food, ale, and lodging at the Laughing Halfling for life.
After the trio decided upon accepting the offer, Yrik drank himself sick on free halfling beer. He awoke to find himself and the others on Amryn’s boat, Ilona’s Laughter, accompanied by a dirty, violent halfling woman named Krisella.
Upon reaching the island, they were attacked by a pair of harpies. Yrik and Krisella did not resist lure of their song, but Jamin and Sniffer dispatched the bird-women before they could harm anyone seriously. They found a cove for the boat, and proceeded through the jungle, dealing with kobold traps and occasionally kobold patrols along the way. One of these run-ins resulted in the group gaining a kobold captive, who was intimidated into revealing the number of kobolds they’d be up against, and also the location of a side door.

The Beginning

Here is how it began – The Dusty Diamond, on another one of its trips up the Ormath coast from Smithwick to Truffleton. All seemed normal, until a ship was sighted coming at them from across the sea, flying the kraken-and-manacles flag of Ingangald, the slave nation. Seven slavers attacked the ship, not expecting crewmen Yrik and Sniffer and passenger Jamin to fight back – and well, at that.
After the battle, the three surviving slavers were taken captive, and their boat, The Kraken’s Wrath, was set adrift. Upon arriving in Truffleton, the slavers were delivered to the harbormaster, and summarily hanged at the morning tide.
Word quickly spread of who had caught the hated slavers. While they enjoyed a drink at the Laughing Halfing tavern, they were approached by the owner, Amryn Tassleburn, who wanted them to find a particular piece of treasure for her – one of the Statues of Ilona.


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