Voyage of the Gemini Dragon

The Midnight Market

After making a healthy profit from betting on their brawls, the party split up for the night. Yrik and Kadoc ended up getting into a drinking contest with a pair of dwarves – one of whom they realized too late was the brewmaster’s nephew. Yrik was not feeling too great the next day, but Kadoc was completely out of commission. Kadoc stayed in bed at The Laughing Halfling while the rest of the party went to speak with Beltas.
Beltas let them know that he had found through his documents that the last known owner of the statue had been taken captive and sold into slavery in Ingangald. His research had not narrowed it’s location down any further yet, but he had more documents that he could look through, and promised to let them know if he figured it out. In the meantime, Sniffer was curious about a market where they might be able to buy and sell magical items, and Beltas referred them to the Midnight Market, a biweekly, not-entirely-legal market, run by an extremely old gnome woman named Warasa.
The party found out through their contacts in the brawling ring that the market was meeting that night, in an abandoned warehouse near the docks. Along the way, the group was ambushed by a group of monks calling themselves The Order of The Shadow – led by the brawler that Krisella had beaten the night before. He accused her of using magic to win, infuriating Krisella, who had won their earlier fight fair and square. The monks attacked, but since this time the party was armed and armored, they were beaten even more severely than in the brawl. Most of the monks ran, abandoning the one who had been knocked unconcious, and Jamin drew on his face before they continued on to the warehouse where the market was being held.
The party talked (and bought) their way into the market,



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