Voyage of the Gemini Dragon

The Beginning

Here is how it began – The Dusty Diamond, on another one of its trips up the Ormath coast from Smithwick to Truffleton. All seemed normal, until a ship was sighted coming at them from across the sea, flying the kraken-and-manacles flag of Ingangald, the slave nation. Seven slavers attacked the ship, not expecting crewmen Yrik and Sniffer and passenger Jamin to fight back – and well, at that.
After the battle, the three surviving slavers were taken captive, and their boat, The Kraken’s Wrath, was set adrift. Upon arriving in Truffleton, the slavers were delivered to the harbormaster, and summarily hanged at the morning tide.
Word quickly spread of who had caught the hated slavers. While they enjoyed a drink at the Laughing Halfing tavern, they were approached by the owner, Amryn Tassleburn, who wanted them to find a particular piece of treasure for her – one of the Statues of Ilona.



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