Voyage of the Gemini Dragon

Retrieving the Statue

Their kobold captive directed the party to the kitchen door of the ruined palace, which appeared to be a fairly easy entry point. Sniffer used a Fly spell to peek through the high windows, and determined that the kitchen was relatively unguarded, having only one armed kobold soldier inside, along with a small handful of cooks and children. But while he was checking windows, he discovered that the treasure room was easily accessible — and occupied only by the sleeping king. Tossing down a rope, he helped the rest of the party up and into the open window. Jamin used his chill metal spell to keep the gold-laden king distracted, while Sniffer stole his spear and threw it back at him, and Yrik and Krisella handily dealt with the guards who tried to come to the rescue. The king surrendered and grudgingly let them take their pick from the treasure hoard. They took the statue, along with most of the magic and valuable non-magic items in the room.
The way out was not as easy as the way in, however. The rest of the kobold tribe had assembled beneath the tower, or in the banquet room at the bottom of the stairs, with their dire rats in tow. The party fought their way through the banquet room, and convinced the rest of the tribe that they valued their scaly hides more than their treasure — or their pride.
Once away from the kobold encampment, the trip back to the ship was mostly serene. Except, of course, for the high-speed chase with an inappropriately-named shambling mound. The group decided they would do better to stand and fight the surprisingly speedy plant monster. Sniffer skillfully kept his comrades of it’s viney grasp, while Krisella landed punishing blows, and Jamin summoned up reinforcements. After several accidental swipes at nearby vines and branches, Yrik landed a solid final blow on the creature, and the party continued on their way.



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