Voyage of the Gemini Dragon

Back to Truffleton

After defeating the shambling mound, the party returned to the ship Ilona’s Laughter, and set sail back to Truffleton. Along the way, the party sighted a ship approaching them, flying a flag of an hourglass and crossed axes – matching the tattoo on Yrik’s back. It was Yrik’s former crewmates from his pirating days, The Shinjan Marauders. The ship pulled alongside Ilona’s Laughter, preparing to board, until they recognized Yrik on deck. Yrik went aboard the pirate ship to talk to the new captain, Wendolen, and convinced her to let them go peacefully. He was almost back to the ship when he felt a tug at his arm – Kadoc, his half-orc friend. Kadoc wanted to leave the ship, and the pirate life. The captain, not a fan of half-orcs, liked the idea, so Yrik and Kadoc boarded Ilona’s Laughter, and the two ships parted ways before Captain Wendolen could change her mind.
Captain Wendolen had mentioned strange storms in the area which had blown them off course, and the party soon encountered such themselves – and discovered it was no true storm, but two air elementals in a fierce fight. Jamin summoned his own small air elemental to speak with the fighters, and see if there was any way to calm them enough to make the seas passable. The elementals dispersed, and Jamin’s summoned one indicated that they had been fighting over a female. With the seas now steady, the party sailed back to Truffleton with no further incidents.
Amryn, delighted with the safe retrieval of the statue, gave the party their promised reward, including 600 gold for Kadoc. She indicated that Beltas was close to determining the location of another statue, and if they were interested, she would be glad to hire them again.
With time and money to spend, Yrik suggested they might find some entertainment at a back-alley brawling circuit he had visited once or twice in the city. The group agreed, and Yrik and Krisella signed up to fight. The rules were simple – no weapons, no armor, non-lethal blows. Yrik won his fight, which was not much of a surprise to the spectators, but everyone was betting that Krisella would lose. That is, everyone except the party, who’d seen her fight before, and pitied the poor bastard she was up against.



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